AQIS Vets & Exporting Pets

If you want to take your pet out of Australia, you must first contact AQIS and fill out a Notice of Intention to Export Live Animals.

Until 2018, an AQIS Accredited Veterinarian (AAV) was the the only person qualified to undertake the pre-export preparation, treatments, vaccinations & export documentation.

Although now any vet can do this work, this is an area where experience really counts.
You need a vet familiar with previous AAV accredition to do this work properly within the correct time frames & to be able to fill out the documentation correctly & accurately.

Alison Stuart BVSc, MSc, at Timbertown Vet Hospital is the only veterinarian with the old AAV accreditation on the Mid North Coast between Newcastle and Coffs Harbour.

Call and speak with Alison well in advance of your intended date to export your pet.
This will ensure the documentation, treatment and the appropriate vaccinations can be organised for you so your pet's travel plans go as smoothly as possible.
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