Dental Care & Your Pet's Health

We know that 80-85% of dogs & cats over 3 years old have dental disease.
More importantly, 75% of this disease is hidden below their gum line.

Veterinary dentistry without dental x-rays is just guessing what may be wrong!

Our new hospital has a beautiful digital dental x-ray system installed that we use on pets like yours.
In fact, you would see exactly the same sort of equipment at your dentist.

What is the first thing your vet does when your pet has broken a leg? They take an x-ray.

Why? To see what is hidden under the skin.
The same approach holds true for veterinary dentistry and your pets mouth.
To put it simply.
Dental X-Rays are one of the most crucial tools in making an accurate dental diagnosis which aids in deciding how best to treat our your pet's dental disease.
This is typical of dental x-rays we take.
This is a picture of normal teeth.
This picture shows a problem area under the gum line.
This would normally not be visible.
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Does your current vet offer dental x-rays as part of a complete pet dental health package?