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Digital Dentistry and Your Pet
We know that 80-85% of dogs & cats over 3 years old have dental disease that needs treating & 75% of this disease is hidden. This makes it virtually impossible to practice good veterinary dentistry without dental x-rays!

Our new hospital has a high definition digital dental x-ray system installed that is available for use on your pet.
In fact, you would see exactly the same sort of equipment at your dentist except our scanning software is veterinary specific.

What is the first thing your vet does when your pet has broken a leg? They take a radiograph (x-ray). Why? To see what is hidden under the skin.
The same approach holds true for veterinary dentistry and your pets mouth.
2/3 of your pets teeth are hidden below the gum line which makes Digital Dental X-Rays one of the most crucial tools in making an accurate diagnosis and then in deciding how to treat our your pet.
Dental x-rays are essential because thay replace a guess with a diagnosis. This then allows us to carry out the optimal treatment and keep accurate, ongoing records of your pet's dental health.
High Definition Digital Dental X-Ray System
We are one of the very few practices in the region with this level of technology.
In addition, our dental technician has a Dip VN Veterinary Dentistry.
This is the sort of dental x-ray we can achieve.
This is a picture of normal teeth.
This picture shows a problem area under the gum line. This would normally not be visible.
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