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This is just a small sample of the services we can offer your pet.
There are constant advances in veterinary medicine and our brand new hospital is equipped with the latest state of the art technology in order to provide the very best care for your pet.

Here is some of the technology that we use every day on pets just like yours.

10 Computer Workstations. Allow us to acces patient information & x-rays from anywhere
Digital Body X-rays & floating x-ray table. Fast, clear, large images with minimal patient stress
Digital Dental X-ray We can x-ray teeth & find dental disease hidden under the gum line
iM3 Dental Machine The workhorse of our dentals. Looks like it came out of your dentists surgery
iM3 Ultrasonic Scaler This sophisticated device gently removes plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth
Abaxis Blood Testing Machines These 3 devices are the heart of our in-house lab. Quick & accurate results
Mindray Ultrasound Machine Pregnancy checks & lets us look inside the body without surgery
Patient Warming Blankets. Keeps patients warm during surgery with temperature controlled, warm air
Digital IV fluid pumps. Ensures accurate dose rates when patients are on fluids in hospital
Tonopen Tonometer. This clever device measures pressue inside your dog's eye, gently & safely
Digital Refractometer. Accurately measures specific gravity of urine or plasma
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